Making yoga more accessible to Latinos in Jersey City


“Offering a bilingual yoga class serves the community by fostering relationships among Latinos while also offering a bridge to connect with others through the practice.”

In a recent piece by Yoga in the Heights writer Laryssa Wirstiuk,’“Yoga Blend” Brings Yoga to Jersey City’s Latino Community,” I describe how the idea came about for “Yoga Blend,” a bilingual Hatha-Vinyasa class.

Check it out:  “Yoga Blend” Brings Yoga to Jersey City’s Latino Community.

A new class offering at Yoga in the Heights, Yoga Blend is a one-hour, Vinyasa-and-Hatha-blend class with instructions given in both English and Spanish. Instructor Adriana Rambay Fernández teaches Yoga Blend three times a week: on Tuesday and Thursdays at 5:15pm and Saturdays at 11:15am. According to Rambay Fernández, “Yoga Blend offers Latinos a sense of familiarity and a welcoming setting with soft Spanish music playing in the background. It is a way to ease into the practice and open up to the experience of yoga.”

Yoga in the Heights is located at 317 Central Avenue in a dynamic and evolving neighborhood in Jersey City.

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