Enter stillness to practice listening

On a stretch of highway near Great Barrington, MA, I was called to stop at a dirt road framed by trees (pictured above). On one side a cemetery hid in the shade and on the other a green, grassy lawn stretched into the sunlight. The road felt majestic like the trees were tall knights guarding […]


On habits of highly productive writers

Napping was not on a recent list of habits of highly productive writers featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education but I think it should be. Napping is a practice in letting go of any judgment about doing nothing. When you sit down at your desk and stare at a blank screen you are sitting […]


Exploring the stillness of winter

This winter hasn’t left much desire for urban hikes between the freezing temperatures and icy winds, however, on a few evening strolls I marveled at the stillness that had settled over my little neighborhood. I thought I was stuck in the polar vortex, my mind filled with thoughts about how much I loathe the cold, […]