Start where you are

When you are at a loss about where to begin any practice, start where you are. Start where you are, and then again, start where you are. Each time you return to make an effort to change a habit, to shift a perspective, to be more open, start in that space of acceptance. Accept all […]


Beauty at the beach in Jersey City

During most winters, I live at the edge of resistance, fighting against the cold and doing my best to stay out of it but a walk to the Jersey City waterfront quickly nullifies any need to do battle. The sun glimmers off of the Hudson River and the crisp, cool air brings the New York […]


Embrace your winter you

When the winter sun arrives change is inevitable. I feel a profound shift, inside and out, from my heels to my hair. I get the winter blues, spend more time indoors, and crave ice cream and pizza, which I would love to be able to subsist on to get me through the winter. I constantly […]