Find a meditation buddy

Adriana-Yoga-2868For the first time this past weekend, I sat in meditation with my family members. An impromptu session of yoga turned into a seated ten-minute meditation practice. I guided the group in, which consisted of my siblings, mother, and oldest nephew. Each individual has had their own meditation practice in one form or another but we had never sat down together as a family to meditate. As I sat in silence, I experienced a sense of awe and joy.

Meditating in a group feels different than meditating alone, it isn’t better or worse, just different. The collective energy of the group sets the tone for the practice. And sharing in challenges and observations can often provide insight. Sometimes sitting in silence with others helps keep the practice consistent and provides a counter balance to what often seems like a very solitary exercise.

Some participants in a meditation group I guide on Thursdays at the Women’s Project have shared that they find it easier to meditate in the group sessions rather than on their own. I’ve also noticed that the two practitioners who join in the sessions most often plan their afternoon activities together and often show up together.

To keep the meditation motivation going, find a buddy, sit, breathe, and relax into what is without judgement. Then allow space for for tea and talk afterwords.


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