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I have an imaginary pair of wings. Each time I move through certain yoga poses such as the various warriors, I attempt to expand beyond the limits of my fingertips. One day I hope to take off and fly.


Meditate wherever you are

When I first began meditating, I lived in a studio apartment in New York City. The only space that was truly quiet was the bathroom or the closet. The open living space had stuff, clutter, and two cats. So I would close the bathroom door, light a candle, close my eyes, and sit quietly. At […]


Music and Mantra: Being with Sound

As you go about your day, you may have words you repeat to yourself as a reminder, as a way to boost your confidence, or perhaps as words you live by. Sometimes you may find yourself repeating a mantra or something said in a yoga class. Thoughts or phrases you return to can have a […]


Start where you are

When you are at a loss about where to begin any practice, start where you are. Start where you are, and then again, start where you are. Each time you return to make an effort to change a habit, to shift a perspective, to be more open, start in that space of acceptance. Accept all […]


How yoga can help you become more present

It is easy to get caught up in the wandering mind that cycles through fear, worry, memory, planning and a whole host of other emotions, perceptions, and thoughts. While the mind wants to take you on a wild ride each second of the day, a number of techniques taught in yoga and meditation can help […]


Making yoga more accessible to Latinos in Jersey City

In a recent piece by Yoga in the Heights writer Laryssa Wirstiuk,’“Yoga Blend” Brings Yoga to Jersey City’s Latino Community,” I describe how the idea came about for “Yoga Blend,” a bilingual Hatha-Vinyasa class. Check it out:  “Yoga Blend” Brings Yoga to Jersey City’s Latino Community. A new class offering at Yoga in the Heights, Yoga Blend is a […]