Writing from the sky

Views of the George Washington Bridge.

Hovering above the George Washington Bridge.

Take to the sky on a helicopter ride for some writing inspiration.

When I did a few months ago, I experienced awe and excitement at incredible heights. My mind’s eye took in the expansiveness of the New York City area as the helicopter made its way up the Hudson River.

I took the excursion on a beautiful, sunny day when the views were crisp and clear. Tall buildings multiplied into small squares, trees resembled bushes, and the Statue of Liberty shrunk to miniature.

Sometimes it is a good idea to get out of your writing comfort zone and experience how your writing can take a different direction inspired by an unfamiliar setting. When you take to the sky and have the opportunity to observe the mechanics of life on the ground from a distance it not only shifts your perspective but also sharpens your senses.

I had the opportunity to explore the sky with Helicopter Flight Services for a feature in Jersey City Magazine. My goal was to capture a sense of the full experience from takeoff to landing.

I took away a new understanding of what it feels like to hover in the air—that state of being suspended without the fear of falling.

It surprisingly feels like being held, secure in a transparent capsule, similar to what I imagined Wonder Woman experienced as she flew her invisible airplane.


Helicopter Tour Helicopter Tour Adriana Helicopter





Take a look at the full story, “Hovering above the Hudson: Helicopter tour offers inspiring views.”


Hovering above the HudsonHovering above the Hudson


    • Thanks for stopping by. The blog post is about how a helicopter ride sparked creativity. All you need is a pen, notepad, your imagination and a way to fly.

  1. Pudrow Wilson

    I always wondered how Wonder Woman felt riding in her invisible Jet. Those are some amazing views, I can definitely see it inspiring some great writing.

    • Hi Pudrow. Thanks for the nice feedback. Shifting perspectives whether on a flight, hiking up a mountain, or skydiving can always help spark the imagination.

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