Exploring the stillness of winter

Winter wonderland

Snowy stillness.


Crystal patchwork.

This winter hasn’t left much desire for urban hikes between the freezing temperatures and icy winds, however, on a few evening strolls I marveled at the stillness that had settled over my little neighborhood. I thought I was stuck in the polar vortex, my mind filled with thoughts about how much I loathe the cold, the layers, and most of all, the lack of sun. Despite the internal grumbling, I couldn’t help but notice the trees. Majestic with their snow-laden branches, they had taken on a new form. Their shared winter nakedness had given way to a shimmering, crystal patchwork. A tree that had nearly been stripped of all of its beautiful branches during Hurricane Sandy, really came to life adorned by a frosty, tendril-like headdress.

When I stopped to admire the beauty surrounding me, my grumbling thoughts stopped. That’s when I noticed the stillness. It was as if all of the nighttime noise had been swept up into the depths of the branches. It was as if the trees had offered to bear the weight of all of our misery and misfortune.

As we travel through the edge of this season, I’ll leave behind the grumbling winter-worn thoughts, but I’ll miss the serenity, the quiet, and the stillness of the snow-filled streets.
02Winterstillness28-4 02Winterstillness28-3

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